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Monthly Archives: September 2011

September 20, 2011

Sow a Blessing

Have you thought about the people in your life who need your blessing? They need your approval. They need to hear you say, “I’m proud of you. You’re going to do great things.” That’s speaking the blessing. That’s releasing favor into their future. When you say to the people you love, “I’m so glad you’re in my life. You mean the world to me,” you just gave them the blessing. When you tell one of your employees, coworkers or a student, “You amaze me with your ability. You have such a bright future,” those are not just nice compliments. When you speak the blessing, you’re releasing God’s wisdom, protection, favor and abundance into their future. You can literally help shape their destiny. One word of encouragement, one word of approval can be what helps them to really step up to who God created them to be.

Today, choose to speak the blessing. Sow good seeds into the lives of the people you love. Remember, what you make happen for others, God will make happen for you. As you sow the blessing, you’ll reap the blessing and experience His victory and favor all the days of your life.

September 19, 2011

Feelings and Emotions

Have you had doubts and questions about your life? Do you ever feel like you have failed in your purpose?

It’s not uncommon for any of us to have moments in our life that we feel like we have missed it. We may feel like we have failed in our destiny and our purpose.  However, to let these feelings control our thought life and our actions will lead to a miserable life.  When we listen to voices of the world we can be misled into false beliefs.  Shake off those false beliefs and know the truth today. You have purpose and destiny in you; no matter what you may have in your past.  It does not matter where you are today, tomorrow is going to be better if you choose it.  We have control of our feelings and emotions if we take it.  Make today the day of change! 

September 18, 2011

Finding Comfort

Oftentimes, when people face challenges, they seek comfort in things that are familiar. It may be work, an activity, or a relationship; and of course, we all know about “comfort food.” But those things only bring temporary comfort. 

According to Webster’s dictionary, comfort means to give strength and hope; to ease grief or trouble. No matter what difficulty you may be facing today, God wants to bring you comfort. Like a mother cares for her child, He longs to give you strength, hope and confidence. Today, make the decision to put Him first in every area of your life. Let go of those things you know are holding you back. Let Him bring you comfort by allowing Him to be Lord over all the areas of your heart. As you surrender to His grace, you will be filled with His peace and joy. You’ll receive His comfort and be empowered to overcome in every area of your life!

September 17, 2011

Choose Your Battles

If you are going to live out your destiny, you have to be selective about what you give your attention and time to. You have to know which thoughts, comments and people to ignore.

We will have a lot opposition in our life, with people questioning and challenging us.  But all the while, we have to stay focused.  What we learn from all this is we don’t have to make every critic understand why we do the things the way we do.  We are focused on what God has called us to do.  In the same way, in order to fully reach your God-given destiny and be effective, there will be some critics in life that you will have to ignore their insults, opinions, and speculations, you’ll have to lay them aside.  That means keeping your eyes on God and focused on what He says about you.  He approves you, and that’s all that matters.  When others don’t give you their approval, when others are talking about you, learn to ignore it and let it go as you can reach your God-given destiny.  God has empowered and equipped you with everything that you need.  Don’t waste your valuable time trying to play up to people, trying to win over all your critics, trying to prove to someone that you’re important.  God approves you, and that is what matters.  Your future is too big to get distracted by small battles.  

September 16, 2011

Removing Labels

Throughout life, people are constantly telling us what we can or cannot become and what we have or don’t have.

It’s just like their sticking a label on us; too short, too slow, too old, too many mistakes, not talented enough.  These labels are not what God says about us. If we don’t know any better, we will wear them like they’re the truth, and it limits what God wants us to do in our lives.  But understand, people don’t determine our destiny, God does.  If you’re going to rise to the next level and become everything God has created you to be, remove every label that is holding you back.  You are not what people label you.  God labels you, “chosen, forgiven, restored, redeemed, valuable, a masterpiece, loved.” When you remember what God says about you, those wrong labels will not be able to stick, and you will see God’s purpose in your live.

September 15, 2011

Lifting Others

We are to help others win in life, to be people ow reach back, invest and help others become the best person they can be.  

We each have skills, influence, position, and knowledge to impart to others.  These are door we can help open for others that will launch them into destiny.  All through history successful people were determined by how they help others become successful.  Today, you can be successful by helping others.  You can help someone come up higher and help them step into their God-given destiny.  Simply look around.  Who are you investing in? Who are you making better? Who are you pushing up? Your destiny is tied to helping others.  And remember, what you make happen for others, God will make happen for you!

September 14, 2011

Obstacle Course

We all face challenges in life, but it’s not the size of the problem that’s important; it’s our perception of the problem.  It’s how big or small we make it in our minds.

Are you facing a difficulty right now? Is something not going right? Instead of magnifying what you’re facing, magnify God.  No matter how large an obstacle may be, God is much bigger than anything we may face.  God not create us to barely get by and go around intimidated by our dreams and convinced that the giants in our lives are too big.  Learn to keep the right perspective. When you talk about God’s greatness, your problems become smaller, and you release your faith for God to go to work and fight your battles.

September 13, 2011

Helping Out

Let’s stop judging, criticizing, and hurting others. It’s time to love, encourage, and lift up others. We have to see each other through eyes of love if we are ever going to stop damaging other people.

We are so quick to judge others without knowing their story–the struggles they have been through, how they they were raised and the current challenges they may have faced today.  We are so quick to say, “He is so unfriendly. She shouldn’t wear that. I don’t know why they act that way.”  There is a reason why people are the way they are.  That’s why it’s important to take the time to get to know them rather then judge them.  Instead of judging others, our attitude should be, “How can I help this person come up higher? How can I make them feel more loved, accepted, and secure?”  The world is full of people that need someone that understands  Can you be that someone today? Can you make the choice to love others back to wholeness?  The closest thing to the heart of God is helping hurting people.  As you walk in God’s love and mercy, instead of judgement and condemnation, you can be the catalyst for change in the live around you. And when you extend mercy and understanding to others, God will make sure there is mercy and love extended to your life.

September 12, 2011


Our disappointments and issues are no surprise to God.  He knew every setback that occur and has already arranged your comeback.

You have someone fighting for you; God has you in His hand.  He is crossing over ahead of you making your life better.  You can trust God for victory in your future.  As long as you live a life to honor Him, God has promised nothing will be able to stand up against you.  Choose today to believe in the love of God for you.  Although tough times will come and life can be unfair at times; God is in control.  

September 11, 2011

Yet Holding On

Has God spoken things to your heart that haven’t come to pass yet? Sometimes when we are believing for things, it’s easy to let circumstances and the pressures of life drag us down. But when you make the choice to receive your promise and start to picture it in your mind’s eye and declare it by faith, then you start to become stronger. You begin to feel more confident. You begin to feel more settled on the inside. You begin to have joy and peace because you know God is working behind the scenes on your behalf.

What are you believing for God to do in your life today? Can you see it in your mind’s eye? Can you see yourself healed? Can you see yourself paying off that last debt? Can you see yourself at your ideal weight? Ask the Lord to give you a picture of what He sees when He looks at you. As you open your heart and allow God’s thoughts to become your thoughts and receive His promises by faith, just like it says in the above verse — whatever you ask for in prayer will be yours!