Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

December 20, 2010

A Giving Spirit

12 20 10 Monday

I suppose it being Christmas I should write something about the Christmas Spirit and all that comes with it.  So this will be one that deals with Christmas Spirit; the spirit of giving to others.

This cannot be the only time of year that we, folk of destiny, have a giving spirit.  If you are destiny minded then you are in a giving spirit all the time, every day.  You are the gift that you give.  You have a gift inside of you and when you give yourself then you are giving that gift.  That is one reason that I am making a gift of my book Embrace Your Destiny.  I think it is important enough to get that gift to folk that I don’t want income from it.  You have a gift in you; what is your gift? What should you be giving every day? It may start with a smile, a pat on the back, or some other form of encouragement.  When we give the gift that God has given us, don’t look for immediate return or reward. Think of it as planting a seed.  Wait for it to grow and mature.  Give the gift that never stops giving; the gift inside of you.  You are very gifted and awesome. I appreciate you very, very much.

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