Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

December 10, 2010

Be Inspired

12 10 10 Friday

From time to time I like to let you know how awesome you are.  I think you probably have picked up on that by now.  Today though it has really been welling up strong in me to let you know how wonderful you really are.

You are full to the point of running over with destiny.  There is greatness all inside of you just waiting to be released.  I didn’t say you may feel it, but it is there.  You have an incredible, fantastic gift inside of you.  You have a destiny like no one else.  You have purpose in this world.  You were born for just this time.  You were not a mistake.  You were created with a specific and awesome reason.  You may not know what that is just yet, but that does negate your identity or significance.  Don’t doubt in yourself. Don’t think your not good enough.  God made you and that makes you more than good enough.  You have “it”! You got to believe in yourself.  Have confidence in your ability to get the job done.  No one can do what you do just like you do.  Take your place in time.  Live your destiny.  Never let anyone put you down or make you feel inferior.  Insecurity will not determine how we look at ourselves any longer.  You are most incredible.  You are most worthy.  You are valuable. Today is your day for greatness!


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