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September 7, 2010

Be Love rather than Being Right

09 07 10 Tuesday

Yesterday’s Destiny Text was about let’s be love rather than being right. Really then aren’t we right; both sides may be right. When we are love then we can’t go wrong.

I have heard the best way to destroy your enemies is to make friends out of them.  This is something that I am doing my best to do.  Some folk naturally will not want to be your friend, but that does not mean we don’t extend friendship and be love.  It’s hard for folk to reject love; they may at first because of past hurts and wounds, but in time… Also, it could be because of our past of not always being a loving person.  Either way it can take some getting used to on both sides.  I think I would rather err on the side of being love and getting rejected than being the old selfish me and getting rejected.  At least this way I know I did do my best.  If we show love to everyone; then it will come back to us.  What goes around; comes around can be a good thing.  Your reap what you sow can also be a good thing.  For most of my life the results of these were always bad, but I can see some changes taking place.  I still get rejected; not everyone wants to be encouraged twice a week; at least not be me.  Not everyone wants to get this blog each day, but that’s ok. Not everyone wants to read my books, I understand.  However, let’s keep on showing love no matter what.  The results may sometimes look the same as the old way, but the change that takes place inside us will definitely be much better!

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