Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

November 6, 2010

Bench Press

11 06 10 Saturday

I don’t believe that God is in heaven looking for ways to bust our heads.  I do believe though that He allows us to go through struggles to make us stronger.  All depends on your view of God I suppose.

I look at it in some ways like when you are in the gym and you are bench pressing or watching someone bench press; maybe heard of the bench press.  When someone is bench pressing they often times will have a spotter. This person will stand behind you and help you if needed during the exercise.  The weight you are attempting to lift may be more than you can handle, but knowing that you have a spotter you will go through the exercise.  When it looks like you can’t lift anymore; the spotter will encourage you and at the same time will have their hands on the bar with you.  Just hearing their words and seeing their hands on the bar with yours will enable you to push the weight you really didn’t think you could push.  I am not relegating God to the role of a spotter, but I think you get the picture.  Know that the struggles and tough times we go through are to make us stronger.  His hands are on the bar and when we can’t move the weight; rather than it crushing us, He takes it off of us.  This may be really basic and simple but I tend to think that way I guess.  So let’s hit the gym of life and gets those muscles developed.


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