Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

October 9, 2010

Big Dawg

10 09 10 Saturday

I hope that you are having a great weekend.  Never take for granted how blessed we really are.  We sometimes overlook just how good we have it.  Even our worse days are better than most folk best days.

My parents used to have a dog, a very little dog, I don’t know what kind, but it was small.  However, I promise his eyes were in backwards.  What I mean is that he thought he was much bigger than he really was.  He would go up against the biggest dogs, but then every dog was bigger.  He thought he was a Big Dawg.  Why can’t we be that way? We look at the challenges we are going up against as so much bigger than we are.  What are you facing today? Do you see it as overwhelmingly huge?  Take the mindset of my folks dog; look at it from his perspective.  You are much larger on the inside than anything you are facing today.  Change your perspective and you change the outcome.  Begin to see yourself the way you really are and how you will be.  You are a Champion.  You are an overcomer.  You are more than good enough.  You are victorious.  Do the right thing and no matter what it looks like you will come out the winner.


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