Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

March 8, 2018

Who You Are

If you want to be unstoppable, you have to face who you really are and make it work for you, not against you.

People pretend to be something that they aren’t, whether for the worse or for the better. Either way it won’t work if you want to be unstoppable. To be unstoppable you have to know you are in all reality. Once you know the true you, you then make it work in your favor. You were created to be a difference maker. You were created to be unique and specifically you. Being unstoppable doesn’t mean that you are perfect. However, if you are living in your purpose zone then you are perfect. Your imperfections are what make you perfect for your destiny. Be comfortable with yourself. Being unstoppable also means that you don’t stop yourself. Don’t wait another day. It’s time for you to step up to unstoppable. You have too much living to do not to be unstoppable. Are you ready to face the reality of who you are today?

July 22, 2014

Building Character

The root system is your character, by patiently building your character, you prepare yourself to be tough when adversity comes.

When adversity comes, it will come, how do you do know if you will be tough enough? Your character will determine how tough you are. It is your character that will get you through the tough seasons in your life. If you are in a difficult situation today and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better; check your character. I’m not saying if you are facing adversity that you don’t have good character. I’m saying that your character will determine how you deal with the adversity. Your character is your foundation. Your foundation is what determines how strong you are. Start building your character today in order to be strong when the tough times come your way. While others around you are struggling you will be the strength they are looking for. Be the difference maker in the tough times. Are you building strong character today?

June 24, 2014

In Defense

To speak up, rather than remaining quiet when someone is being done wrong, requires character.

When you don’t say anything when someone is talking to about someone in a bad way you are in a sense agreeing with that person. Even if you don’t agree any in the least. It takes courage and character to stand up and speak in the behalf of someone else. However, a true friend will stand up for their friends. You don’t have to get into a knock down drag out fight, but never allow someone to be put down when you can defend them. Take the high road, the one less traveled and take a stand for the person being talked about. Then once you have that done, you will be standing up for people that aren’t your friend. You may not even like the person, but that is what a person of character is supposed to do. This also will stop us from talking about others. What is the old saying; If you can’t say something good about someone, don’t say anything at all. I believe you can find something good to say about someone. May be a short conversation, but there is some good in each of us. Are you defending those being talked about today?

April 24, 2013

In Your Heart

When you are so tired you can barely get up, fans are booing, it’s late in the game, your team is down. That’s character exposing time.

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When the pressure is on, the bills are due, the doctor’s report is not good, kids not acting right, school is tough, that is when you see what you have on the inside and it will be exposed.  When pressure is applied the inner most character will come out. What is in your heart will just jump out of your mouth. You will do and say things you never thought you would when life gets tight. Make sure you are putting the truth inside you every day. Lies and facts will leave you disappointed and looking for more when it’s getting late in the game. When you are so tired you can hardly get back up, what then are you relying on? Last weeks, last year or even yesterday’s stuff won’t keep you today. Everyday put truth in your heart. Refresh and replenish it. Be character ready each day. There will come a time when life hits hard but you will be able to hit back harder and longer with the truth. What is in your heart today?


March 29, 2013

Personal Character

If we focus on personal character, we make the world a better place. If we do that our entire lives, we’ve done the best thing we can do.

In life, we all have ups and downs. There are seasons that are more difficult than others, seasons of testing, trials and temptation where our character is being developed and our faith in God is being strengthened. Sometimes it can feel like you are taking two steps forward and then three steps backward. But if we’re not careful, we’ll start thinking that life is always going to be this way. Even in the strong seasons, you’ll start looking for things to go wrong. God doesn’t want us to be living life like a roller coaster. He wants to bring us to a place of stability where we remain strong in Him. He’ll make you strong, He’ll keep you stable, and you’ll keep moving forward into the life of blessing He has prepared for you. Keep focus on your character development. Do your part to make the world a better place and you will see changes. Are you concentrating on your personal character today?


March 22, 2013

Trust is Key

Are you going through a situation in your life that you don’t quite understand?

During these uncertain seasons, it’s natural to question things in your mind. But in order to move forward, we have to look forward with our hearts. We have to look beyond the questions and continue to trust in God. Trusting God means we’re going to have some unanswered questions. You may never understand why a relationship ended sooner than you would have liked. You may never understand why you lost a loved one. You may never understand why you went through something difficult or why your prayers didn’t get answered. But at some point, you have to decide to put your questions aside and go on with God. We have to decide to trust His character even when our circumstances don’t make sense. The Bible tells us that adversity will come, but God is the one who promises to lead us into victory. He has promised that He’s going to turn that difficulty around and use it for your advantage. He is faithful to His Word, and you can be sure that He will fulfill every promise He’s made to you. Are you trusting God to see you through today?


February 3, 2013

Character Checkup

Character, integrity,relationships and responsibility are the pillars that allow your gift to shine. Without these your gift is not going to be lasting.

There is a familiar quote; ‘don’t let your gift take you where your character can’t keep you.’ I have been in this position before and it’s not a good place to be. You all have an awesome gift, but without character, integrity, relationships and being responsible, you are in danger of not being able to use your gift. It would be a shame for the rest of us not to be able to see you in your gifting because of character flaws. It happens all the time, but it doesn’t have to happen to you. Take the time to do a good check of your life. Be sure you are living with integrity. Look at your relationships. Are you spending time with people that are a positive influence? What are those closest to you pouring into your life? Also, are you taking the responsibility for your growth? Are you using your gift responsibly? All these will add up to either take you higher or pull you to the bottom. Do your life inventory today and be sure all is in line. Take your gift to the highest level. Live your destiny to the fullest! Is your character in check today?