Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

July 1, 2014


Are you dealing out judgment or mercy to others.

When you see that young lady at the grocery store with a infant in the buggy and three small children along side; there is an opportunity for you. Her kids may be running around acting out of control. They may not be minding her and getting on your last nerve while you attempt to grocery shop. There is an opportunity for you. You have the opportunity to judge her. You would never let your children act like that. You would show them something. You could ask yourself; does she not discipline her kids. What does she think they are going to be like when they are grown. Somebody needs to do something and do something now to them. However, what you don’t know is; she is a single mom, working two jobs and still having trouble making ends meet. She is having to really focus on what she can buy because of her strict and limited budget. What you don’t know is she is doing the absolute best parenting job that she can do. She probably is doing a better job at what she is doing with what she has to work with than… So instead of judging her; how about going and paying for her groceries and allowing her to get more than she thought she could. Instead of condemning her; why not get her a babysitter so she can go out one night. You have an opportunity to judge or show mercy. Lets be quicker to show mercy than judge others. You can make a difference in a positive way today. Be a blessing. Are you being a positive difference today?

January 24, 2014

New Mercy

Isn’t it good to know that no matter what happened yesterday, no matter what you said, no matter what you did, God’s mercy is new for you today?

Mercy is empowering. It frees us to make the right choices and live the life that we were created for. We have to always remember that God is not condemning us. God wants to love us and equip us to overcome in this life. Do you need new mercy today?  You don’t have to beg God to forgive you. He forgives you the first time you ask, but it’s up to you to receive that forgiveness. Open your heart today and receive His mercy. You will begin to experience peace and joy. Then choose to extend that mercy to others. As you show His love and character to others, He’ll pour out His blessing upon you and use you in ways you never dreamed. Are you receiving new mercies every day?


December 25, 2012

Christmas Past

Maybe your past shouldn’t have happened to you, but that has no logical bearing on where you are going and where you’ll end up.

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Is there something that you’ve done in your past that you’re not particularly happy about? A choice that you regret? The good news today is that you can be free of guilt and condemnation. You don’t have to live with that burden any longer. God’s mercies are new every morning. He’s not ever going to run out of compassion. He’s not ever going to run out of forgiveness. He’s not ever going to say, “Well, this is the last time I’m going to give you mercy.” No, you can have a new beginning every single day! Let that truth sink down deep into your heart right now. If there is anything from the past that you may still be carrying, take a moment and call on His faithfulness. Call on His mercy. Ask for His forgiveness. Let Him refresh and restore your soul right now. Thank Him for the work He is doing in your life and enjoy a fresh new beginning today. What a wonderful Christmas gift for you. Is there something in your past that is holding you back that you need to let go of?


November 12, 2012

A Major Key to Life

Desire to show mercy, grace and forgiveness. Really give it away freely.

When you have messed up bad, made an insane decision, made a terrible mistake don’t you want mercy, grace and forgiveness? Then why do we withhold it from others when they do the same? I have learned that the basic key to a successful, happy, joyful life is actually very simple. Treat others the way you want to be treated. How about this; treat others even better than you expect to be treated, huh? Especially those that you don’t like! You thinking about them right now. Do something nice for them. Do it in love, showing grace and mercy, giving forgiveness. How can expect to be given these if you don’t give them away freely? Who said we had the right to pick and choose who we loved, forgave, showed mercy and grace to? We talk about karma and how they will get what’s coming to them? Karma goes both ways. You curse it when it happens to you, but praise when it happens to others. That is so wrong. That’s what makes people bitter, angry, mean, hateful and just no fun to be around. Exchange your pride, sarcasm, negativity and meanness for grace, mercy, forgiveness and love. When you aren’t carrying all that mess around with you, you will feel so much better. Those around you will be feeling better too!! Do you need to show grace, mercy and forgiveness to someone right now?

August 7, 2012

Showing Grace and Mercy Podcast/Blog

I used to think grace and mercy were terrible, for the weak, a cop out.

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Not too long ago, I thought that grace and mercy were not good things. I felt like they were for those that didn’t have any discipline in their life. I felt like the weak  and lazy people were the ones always wanting them. I was so religious and prideful to think this way. There is nothing comparable to grace and mercy. Those of us who are striving to do our best and make a difference in the world definitely see the need for a lot of grace and mercy. I also, see that my withholding it from others was so religious of me. I know that the measure that I use to give grace and mercy is the measure that I will be given. I am now a big supporter of grace and mercy. I try to give them away everyday, because I know I will need them each day. The reason for the change in my perspective; love. Love is a major key in grace and mercy. You will not give grace and mercy if you don’t love people. It was only when God’s love began to be the deciding factor in my life did I realize the importance of grace and mercy. The rest is history.  Is there someone in your life that you need to be giving grace and mercy to today? Will you let love be the deciding factor in your life, all areas of your life?

August 6, 2012

Judgement and Criticism

Be careful when you pass judgement, criticize and/or talk negative about someone. There will come a day when you will be judged and the same way you judged them, will be how you are judged.

When you judge someone for something they have done; then in time, the same parameters you used for them will be used on you. It is true, what goes around comes around. Be careful how you talk about other people. Be sure you give others the benefit of the doubt. There will be a time when you will want grace and mercy; remember, the amount you give is the amount you will receive. Don’t put yourself in the roll of judge and jury. Always, take the time to look at situations from different perspectives. Yours is not the only perspective there is to see from.  Take the time to show mercy, grace and love in all situations you face. You make the only person that speaks in favor of someone. One day it will be you that is asking for someone to speak positive of you. You will be asking for grace and mercy. Be a giver today of that grace, mercy, hope and love. Give it away in large amounts. Is there someone today you need to stand up for? Is there a person you have been critical of that you need to show grace and mercy toward?

July 2, 2012

Peace is Yours

You may be in a very difficult place today, but know that just as the sun did come up that God has His hand on you.

His mercies are new and fresh each and every morning. However, you have to be willing to accept and receive from Him. Your situation may be unfair, unjust and not of your doing, but you are still there none the less. When you change your perspective and know that God is on your side and you can still have peace in the middle of your own personal storm. He may not change the situation but He can change you so that you aren’t worried and anxious about it any longer. It may not be easy, but that’s why it’s called faith. If it were easy everyone would be doing it. Be still and know today that God is God and He is on control. Today would be the perfect day to realize that no matter what’s going on in and around you, that you can have a peace about it. God loves you and is right there with you. Is there a situation that you need to turn over to God today? Would you trust Him to handle all your care, worry and anxiety about it?

May 29, 2012

Mercy Sees the Why

Mercy sees the why behind the what in what we do. Let mercy direct your response.

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There is a reason why he talked to you the way they did. There is an explanation behind why she behaved that way. Before you get even or cut them out of your life; let mercy speak. Mercy has the ability to see past the what and into the why. The why will let you in on a lot about that person. Their spouse may have left them the day before. Their son or daughter may be making some bad decisions in life. They may have just lost their job. There are so many things that happen in other people’s life’s that we don’t ever know about. However, we see the what that comes from it. We all have had major things happen to us and have acted out because of it. That is not an excuse to do so, but mercy will cover that wrong action. Be a source of comfort and peace for them. Be a covering for them at that moment. Allow them to make a mistake on you. We all need mercy, so we all have to show mercy. When you show mercy you will receive mercy.


May 23, 2012

Peace Over Piece

That person that is beside you in line; driving you crazy, making you want to go off on them. Take a minute and think about this; you have no idea what they are going through.

When someone is irritating you or maybe it’s their kids, we want to give them a piece of our mind. Do you find yourself just wanting to tell them what you would do, how you would handle that kid or them? Take a moment to realize you have no clue what that person is experiencing in their life. If you had to live one day in their life, you would lose your mind. They could have lost everything the day before. You don’t know everything. You may think you have all the answers for everyone else, but you don’t. Neither do I. I do know that we need to look at others through eyes of love, compassion, love, and mercy. Show others grace and understanding. Give that person the benefit of the doubt. Give them a peace of mind rather than a piece of your mind. Treat them the way you want to be treated when you are going through a tough stretch. Be the one person that makes a positive difference in their life.


May 12, 2012

Heart Talk

That feeling when doing the right thing rips your heart out and hands it to you. Learning the truth behind treat others the way I want to be treated.

There will come a time in your life when you know you have to do what is right, but it hurts.  When you have to stop enabling someone that you love and they look at you with those questioning eyes. When you have to cut ties with someone that consistently hurt you time and time again.  We all have or will have to face those people in those situations during our life. Remember that you will receive what you give. When you show mercy and grace by doing what is right, the same will come to you when you most need it. Although your heart may be breaking you must do what is right. Emotions may tell you to do one thing, but go with what is right. You will never have to question your decision when you do what is right.