Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

October 5, 2019

It Is Time

It’s time to be the difference in the lives of those around you.

To be a Champion it is your purpose to be the difference in the world. It may be that your world is one person. Be the difference! You may have been born for one moment in your life. However, you never know when that moment is going to occur. You have to be ready and prepared for when you’re called on. There are life changing moments that take place each day. When is your moment going to come? Will you have prepared and be ready? The opportunity of a lifetime has to be grasped during the lifetime of the opportunity. Don’t let your moment come and go with you not being in position ready to move. To be unstoppable you have to push through the resistance that will come against you. Being relentless means you don’t allow adversity to stop you from being in your place. You are a Champion, then be a Champion, be the difference. You have one assignment. Be the Difference!! I can’t express it enough for you to put aside the differences you have with people in order to be the difference with people. Are you ready?

July 28, 2013

Championship Adversity

Adversity creates opportunity. Champions rise to the occasion.

With any opportunity there will be adversity. The greater the opportunity the greater the adversity. However, the adversity is match for the champion that you are. When you face down adversity and overcome it, you are one step closer to your destiny. Your purpose in life is to be the champion God created you to be. To be that champion you will be given opportunities in life. Those that back down from adversity will never see the fulfillment of their life. Don’t look at adversity as a bad thing anymore. Change your perspective to welcome the adversity as a challenge, as an opportunity for greatness. Rise up to meet the adversity and greet the opportunity. Be the champion you desire to be! Are you ready for some adversity today?


June 21, 2013


What if you had just one play in you, one opportunity? What would it be?

We are not guaranteed tomorrow, not even the rest of today. With that in mind, if you had one more play left in you, one more opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life; what would you do? What is it that is still inside of you that needs to be shared with the world? What can you do to make a difference in a person’s life? There are people that need you, need your gift, your talent. Don’t put off another day what you were created to do. There is a passion, a burning inside of you right now. There has been something already run through your mind. Go out and do that one thing. For you make only have one more play left. Make the best out of the years, days, minutes that you are here. Today is your day! What is your one play going to be?


April 6, 2013


Life has many intersections, opportunities to go up or down. At these intersections we make choices. Major decisions….

One major decision to make when you get to one of these intersections is; never give up; do something. Too many times, too many people give up. Just at the most important time in their life; they stop. Never give up. Not sure what to do at the intersection? Do something. Don’t ever give up. I believe in you. I know that you can do what you were created to do. You have what it takes. You can do it. Don’t let fear stop you, don’t let indecision paralyze you. Do something. You only got one shot at this thing, so make it count. Afraid you are going to make a mistake? Yeah, you will, but it’s okay. Make a mistake, many another mistake, but all the time learning from every failure and success. Learning what to do and what not to do. You are at an intersection today, make a decision and do something. I am counting on you. I know you got this. Now go to it! Are you ready to go?


March 6, 2013

Pruning Season

I have always encouraged people to recognize times of being “between opportunities.” It is pruning season.

In life, we all go through a pruning process. God will prune our lives so that we can be fruitful. To “prune” means something is cut away, something is removed. In other words, maybe a good friend that you counted on moved to another city. Maybe a business shut down that you were connected to, or a relationship went a different direction. God knows what you need in your life in order to grow and flourish. Sometimes when things happen that we don’t understand, we have to just trust that He is working behind the scenes preparing you for increase, preparing you to go to another level. Don’t put a question mark where God has placed a period. When you’re going through transition, don’t get bitter. Don’t get down and think it’s the end. Don’t start thinking that you’re a failure. Have the attitude, “God, I let this go knowing that it was only temporary, and what You have in my future will be greater than what I’m letting go of.” If you will accept the change and stay in faith, God will open new doors. He will bring new opportunities, new friendships, and take you to another level of your destiny. Are you embracing the pruning season in your life?


January 25, 2013

Opportunity of Your LIfe

When your special, once in a lifetime moment comes, be ready. What a tragedy if it finds you unprepared or unqualified for your finest hour.

The opportunity of a lifetime must be grasp during the lifetime of the opportunity. You are going to have moments in your life that are special. Be sure that you are ready, that you are prepared to make the most of that time.  God has a plan for you and everyone else. There are times He has scheduled for you. However, He will not force you to be at the right place at the right time doing the right thing the right way for the right reason. Only you can make sure of all that. He has done His part, it is time for you to do your part. Be sure you are working your process. Make sure you are doing your very best at being your best. Many people are not where they are supposed to be today. They stopped working their process. They have given up. It is a tragedy when their time comes and they are not ready. They miss their opportunity of their lifetime because they gave up yesterday.  If you aren’t doing your best today, then get started again. Be prepared and qualified for your moment. It’s not too late. Start today! Are you prepared for your once in a lifetime moment?