Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

July 26, 2020

Pushing Higher

Never satisfied, never content, always pushing higher and higher is the mark of a Champion.

Being unstoppable means you never let up. Always looking for ways to get better. A Champion is a Champion because they never give up. If you’re going to be the best at what you do then you can never be content where you are. You are learning and growing everyday. As we continue toward your goals, I want to encourage you to make the changes to be a Champion. There is something you do that no one can do like you do. You have a gift/talent that was given to you for a reason. To be the difference in someone’s life. Are you ready to be a Champion?

July 15, 2020

Don’t Be Satisfied

Relentless is about never being satisfied, always driving to be the best, and then getting even better.

I tell people to go their highest and then keep going. When you get the top keep raising the bar. There is no limit to how good you can be. There is no lid on your purpose and where it can and will take you. Don’t let fear hold you down. You were built for greatness. You were created to be the very best. So few ever reach their destined place. They let fear, cares, and doubt stop them. Don’t be that person. Be the example for others to follow. Be the difference. Set the standard. Never allow yourself to think you have arrived. There is no finish line in your purpose. When you reach your determined point in life then you will step over into your afterlife, which never ends either. That’s a entire different story. While you are here it is your purpose to live with purpose. Be your very best every day all day. Never take a day off from your purpose. Do something every day to get better. Are you being relentless today?