Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

July 8, 2013


I expect there to be challenges, so I will bring the best in me every day.

It may seem like others around you have no problems. As you look at their lives, you may wonder why things are always so good for them. They seem to move from one great experience to the next, while you’re struggling to get by and keep your head above water. From a distance you start thinking things like, It’s not fair. Why can’t I get a break? When is it going to be my turn? If you’ve ever had these thoughts, I want to let you in on a little secret. We all face challenges and problems! We all face obstacles that tempt us to be discouraged, to settle for less or to give up hope. But the important thing is what we do when those challenges come our way. With every problem, we have a choice: Will I still believe God is a good God and that He has great things in store for me, or will I settle for less than God’s best?  When you face challenges, especially really significant ones, it’s easy to slide into survival mode, but we’re not supposed to stay there! Even in your most difficult season, there is still opportunity. God has given you everything you need to succeed. He wants you to do more than survive; He wants you to thrive! I want to encourage you to choose to fill your mind with God’s promises and His expectations for your life. This is really the key to thriving! Don’t let your problems shape your expectations. You can live with confidence knowing that great things are coming your way! This is your moment to break through. I believe that you can start new and fresh today. Remember, if you’ve slid into a survival mentality, don’t stay there.  It all comes back to a simple choice: believe in who you are and what is in store for your life? Are you ready to face your challenges with your best effort today?

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