Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

August 28, 2013

Changing Things

Most changes offer a tremendous opportunity to gain knowledge and experience.

When you go through the process of change in your life there is a learning curve. Something new has been introduced into your life. Rather than fighting change and the effects of it, learn to grow from it. This time of change gives you the unique opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and experience. There are some things that you will only learn by going through a season of change. Change may be uncomfortable at first, but when you realize the good that is coming from it, it is less uncomfortable. It’s time to be comfortable being uncomfortable. Change can be your friend if you will embrace it for what it is. Get a new outlook, a new and better perspective of what change is all about. Get the knowledge and experience that can only be gotten from change. Everything you go through can have some positive results. Are you gaining knowledge and experience from change today?

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