Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

August 16, 2013


For the best, success does not lead to complacency, They are wired to handle the changes yet still maintain focus on the process.

If you watch television for any length of time, it won’t be long before you see products and pills advertised to make you thinner, smarter, younger looking, more successful and ultimately claim to change your life. But the truth is all you need in order to change your life is already in your hand. God has given you the ability and the power to be transformed into the person He created you to be. I heard somebody said, “Sight has to do with what we can see, but vision has to do with what we can be.” The reason some people are stuck at the same level is because their vision is limited. They don’t see themselves growing, increasing, being promoted or getting healthier. All they see is more of the same. More lack. More struggle. More defeat. They’re producing what they’re seeing. Don’t let that be you! Instead, let the truth wash over you and renew your thinking. See yourself the way God sees you.  See yourself becoming stronger, healthier and wiser. Change the picture you have of your life, and you will change your life. See yourself the way God sees you and receive the wonderful blessings He has in store for your future. Are you seeing yourself the way God sees you?


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