Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

January 5, 2011

Destiny Words

01 05 11 Wednesday

The one thing we all have in common that could possibly stop us from reaching our destiny is fear.  There is no fear in a person of destiny.  You have to see the reality of your destiny.

We are creatures of habit and we tend to have a habit of fear.  We talk it all the time without even realizing it.  We lean toward worry and fear more than we think we do.  Just listen to the words you say, the news, and those around you.  They are full of fear and death.  The response I hear the most I hear the most is; “I really don’t mean it.”  That just doesn’t cut it.  Whether you mean it or not, if you are speaking it; then you are giving it life.  When folk speak words of life; folk look at them like they are out of their mind, but if they speak words of fear or death they just agree or laugh.  Take the time to check your words, because what is in your heart and mind is going to come out of your mouth.  No more fear and death filled thoughts or words.  We have to speak life and destiny.  Fill the atmosphere with your destiny words.  You are awesome! You are more than able! You have the God of the universe alive and well inside of you! No fear!


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