Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

October 28, 2010

Did You Just Pass…

10 28 10 Thursday

We are so quick to pass judgement on folk.  I know that I am so guilty of this same thing.  We doubt folks ability and willingness to change, but we want others to give us another chance.  If you deserve another chance; then don’t other folk too?

We all have made wrong choices and mistakes in life; there is no exception to this law of humanity.  However, it is how we deal with our own stuff and how we evaluate or judge other folks stuff that can get confusing at times.  Why is it get judge ourselves by our intentions but we judge others by their actions? I am not saying that we excuse other folk, but where is the gift of mercy and grace today? Where is the forgiveness and love when it comes to others? I know that I have strained the mercy, grace, forgiveness and love coming from others. This has taught me to show more of the same to others.  No wonder we have insecurities and deal with self-image issues like we do today.  I have heard my wife say and I totally agree with her; “I want to be told by God I had too much mercy towards others.”  That is becoming my mantra today.  Don’t be so fast to pass judgment on others actions.  There is more than likely a very good reason.  Even if there isn’t, love them back to health.  Kicking folk out isn’t going to work any longer.


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