Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

January 23, 2011


01 23 11 Sunday

I was talking with someone not long ago and they had no idea they had a purpose in life.  Life was just the same thing everyday with no purpose outside of making it day to day.

It’s like we have a shell around our destiny sometimes.  In our mind we can see others that have a purpose and destiny but we don’t see it in us.  Like an egg; we have a shell around our purpose.  Fortunately, just like an egg, that shell can be broken; allowing the life to spill out.  That life being our destiny and purpose, not to mention our identity.  If you can’t seem to find your destiny or purpose then take a look for the egg inside of you.  Then crack the shell that is around it.  You do have a destiny and a purpose that is inside you.  It may be locked up, but it was meant to be released.  You were created to grow and mature in your destiny and in your purpose.  Don’t go another day without discovering the life that is there.  It’s right there inside you.  Let your destiny and purpose come alive in your life!