Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

June 4, 2013

Failure and Pain

Failure and pain are the entry fee for trying, the foundation for learning, the price–and proof–of living fully alive.

Some people only learn from failure and pain. These two aspects of life can be excellence teachers, but the key is for you to be an excellence student. Learn from them, but don’t stay with them. If you are trying to live a life of purpose then you will experience failure and pain. They are what qualify you for your destiny. Don’t let the failure and pain you experience cause you to stop learning and growing. Stay the course. Fight the good fight of faith.  Never allow the negative aspects of failure and pain to prevent you from your best day ever. To be fully alive you will have to go through these areas. The key is don’t stay there. Get what you need to get a move forward. Are you learning, growing and moving forward from what you have learned from failure and pain?


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