Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

February 14, 2014

Failure Perspective

Rather than looking at failures as major disappointments, turn the loss into a gain. Change your perspective.

We all have failed at one time or another. I know in my life, I have failed many times. For a long time I had failure mentality. Since I was failing at things I tried to do, I considered myself a failure. If you are in that place today, I want to encourage you to change your thought process. Change your perspective. Just because you fail doesn’t mean you are a failure. Don’t internalize what happened, as to describe and define who you are. Change the way you look at what happened. Learn from the experience. Look at what you did and how you can change and grow. You are not a failure! You only become a failure when you give up and quit. Change your perspective about who you are. See yourself for the who you really are; a champion! You are the one who never gives up! You got this! Are you changing your failure perspective today?