Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

June 16, 2012

Fear Mindset

Many are controlled by fear, worry, doubt and dread. These mindsets will cripple you in many ways.

A fear mindset is talked about in my book Aggie. When you allow the fear mindset to control your life; you will find that it does more than affecting you mentally. A fear mindset will affect you physically too. Fear causes stress that your body was not designed to handle. There is no immune system to fear. The only way to live with fear is the live without it. Fear cripples you from the inside out. We are not talking about being scared, but having fear of failure, success, of doing anything new, and so on. There are countless fear’s that people are attempting to hide and live with all around you. You can sense the fear in a person. Never let fear attached itself to your mind. Fear, worry, doubt, and dread are all connected and feed off one another. None are healthy and none are good for you. Today is the day to begin breaking free of fear. Start listening to the truth and not the fear words that cripple you.  Are you controlled by fear? Are you ready to break away from the stronghold of free today?