Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

October 31, 2010

Fear or Destiny

10 31 10 Sunday

What is keeping you from living your life to your absolute fullest? We have talked some about unforgiveness being in your life.  What about fear? Is fear of something or another preventing you from living your destiny?

Fear of the unknown or even fear of the know can be paralyzing at times.  What fear is keeping you down? For many the fear of failure is a major obstacle.  I know men usually have this fear, but women do too.  Fear is not from God, but our destiny is from God.  Therefore, we should choose destiny over fear.  I know for me the fear of rejection is something I have had to battle.  You may also deal with rejection.  Fear is an illusion that our enemy will use against us; especially when we are moving close to our purpose and destiny.  Fear is only real when we give it life.  Take the life out of fear. Speak to your fears with the truth.  Never allow fear to stop you from walking out your destiny, from stepping into the deep, from launching out away from the shore into your destiny.


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