Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

October 6, 2010

Feeling the Hurting

10 06 10 Wednesday

There are so many hurting folk.  So, so many folk that are crying out inside for help on the outside.  What to do? We all are in this group to some degree.

I can’t explain how I feel about this.  For the past few days I have been really sensing the hurt in other folk.  Nothing weird really, but it’s like I feel their pain to some degree.  While sitting at a red light Monday, as the folk came by me, it was like every third one was wiping their eyes.  I know most probably had a cold or something, but what about the ones that didn’t? There are so many folk that hold in their hurts all day long and on their way home from work, school or where ever and on their way home they let out all the hurts.  The tears flow, the crying out to God for help, the wondering when will it all end or will it ever end.  Will the hurt and pain ever go away?  There are so many folk right there, right now.  I can feel their pain, their crying out.  Sounds crazy, but I think we all feel it.  Some choose to do something about it, some don’t.  I have to do something to help the hurting.  If you are hurting today, you are close to my heart. I stand with you, beside you. I support you, I believe in you and lift you up in prayer.  You are not alone!

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