Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

December 23, 2010

Forgiveness and Love

12 23 10 Thursday

We hear quite often that we must have excellence.  I have written about having excellence in everything that you do.  However, if we don’t love as our motivation we won’t have excellence.  Love and forgiveness are must in our lives.

You want to live your destiny you must have forgiveness and love.  You want to have excellence in your life then you must have forgiveness and love.  You want to be blessed in your life then you got to have forgiveness and love.  I think you see the common theme going on here.  If you are going to be positive and live in such a way that stress can’t attach itself to you; then you got it, forgiveness and love.  To forgive and to love are both giving and serving.  We can’t be selfish if we have both of these determining our decisions.  As we end the year; make sure that forgiveness and love are dominant in our life.  Excellence is something we all want, but will we forgive quickly and completely.  It is part of the process of living our destiny.  Forgiveness and love; vital components of our lives.


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