Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

October 30, 2010

Get Out the Way

10 30 10 Saturday

What is getting in between you and your destiny? What seems to be the one thing you can’t seem to overcome that would allow you to be free to live out your purpose in life? For a lot of folk it is unforgiveness; is it for you?

Unforgiveness will definitely stop us from living out our destiny.  It can be a silent but very debilitating creature.  There are times that we have forgotten about the original situation that caused us to have the unforgiveness stored away in our heart.  Then whenever something similar happens we immediately go back to the bitterness and resentment that thing caused us to have.  Unforgiveness will, not might or can, but will destroy your destiny from the inside out.  Don’t allow this enemy to your soul to stay in your heart.  I know you may have been done wrong, a terrible thing may have happened, but don’t let unforgiveness allow it to keep happening over and over again.  As hard as it may be to forgive that person, you can do it, your destiny is at stake.  Don’t let that person hurt you again by allowing that unforgiveness to steal your purpose and destiny in life.  Be a forgiver. Take the stand to not allow unforgiveness to stay in your heart.


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