Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

April 26, 2013

Good Foundation

It is my desire is to see you grow and increase in every area of your life—especially in your love for others.

That’s because love is the greatest thing, and it is all that matters in eternity. The book, Love at Last Sight: 30 days to Grow and Deepen Your Closest Relationships  says it perfectly. It says, “At the end of the day—in this all-too-short life we all share, all we really have are relationships with people we love and who love us. In light of relationships, the job and career we set as goals now aren’t really so important; the ladders we try to climb don’t matter so much; the objects we long to possess seem utterly trivial. What really matters in the end is that special look that you share with your spouse, the arms of your child reaching up to you, the quiet comfort of being with a friend who stands by your side in a difficult time.” Today, I pray that your love continues to grow and build a solid foundation for your faith. I pray that through your connection with God, you are strengthened in all of your relationships as you move forward into the life of blessing He has for you. Are you rooted and grounded in love today?


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