Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

June 6, 2013


Living in guilt leads to discouragement and hopelessness.

When you live with guilt in your life you will never be able to be happy. Guilt is like a weight tied around your neck. You will never be able to enjoy the life that God has given you. You will never be able to walk in your purpose or destiny if you hold on to guilt. Know this, guilt doesn’t hold on to you, you hold on to it. Let it go. Get your healing and be free from guilt. You have done wrong things; I have done wrong things, but there is no reason for us to carry around guilt. Let it go today. You may be guilty of doing this or that, but receive your forgiveness and put aside that weight of guilt. When you let the guilt go, you take hope and encouragement in it’s place. Walk in hope, forgiveness, love and peace today. Be free of the joy robbing guilt. Are you free of guilt today?


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