Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

October 18, 2010

Halftime Adjustments

10 18 10 Monday

Yesterday I was able to watch the Saints game, uninterrupted for the most part.  I wrote this during the halftime of that game.  What do teams do at halftime? They make adjustments; which is something we all can learn from.

We all have faced times in our lives, or situations, or just day to day stuff that we need to make some adjustments in how we face them.  When we see the same things over and over; yet we get the same disappointing results; make halftime adjustments.  We have to change our coverage; how we are dealing with an issue or a person.  We have to change our game plan some.  We may not be able to do the things we have been doing the same way every time.  Make some adjustments.  My halftime adjustments would include; adding value to folk, making people feel comfortable around me, offering hope, restoration and reconciliation to others.  To be an encourager to those that are down.  To be a positive force and difference maker in the world around me.  Those are some things that I am working on; yours may be different.  The main point is look at your plan and make the adjustments necessary for a strong second half and a victory.


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