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January 25, 2011

Hip Hop Don't Stop

01 25 11 Tuesday

The other day my daughter, who is 7, came to me almost in tears, because she was having trouble with a Hip Hop dance routine she was trying to learn.  She told me she couldn’t do it and was going to give up.  Wonder how I reacted to that?

I am amazed at her young age how we start developing a give up mentality.  We feel like we aren’t good enough.  She doesn’t hear that at home, school, or church.  It is the nature that is in us at birth.  The older we get the more developed we become in that mindset.  We have to work at and train our mind to change.  Never give up! You are good enough and then some! You were created with purpose, destiny, and greatness in you!  How is it we let this go at a young age? The enemy of your life will plan negative seeds in your mind.  Don’t settle for average in your life.  Don’t let others tell you negative lies about yourself.  Train your self in the truth.  What does God say about you? He created you, you aren’t perfect, but the truth is what God says about you. The truth will always override the facts.

Well, about ten minutes after she and I talked, she came running back in the room telling me how she had gotten the routine down pat.  The truth was she could do it and failure was just part of the process.  What is the truth about you?