Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

December 8, 2010

Hope or Wish

12 08 10 Wednesday

I think sometimes we confuse wishing for hoping.  It may just be semantics but there is a big difference between wishing for something and hoping for something.  Wish is build on nothing, but hope when established on a strong foundation is the very stable and very strong.

We have all heard, “Don’t wish your life away,” at some time or another.  That is a very good word of wisdom.  We wish things would get better, we wish we could get a spouse, a job, a boyfriend or girlfriend, out of school, out of the house and so on.  Wishing though is just going to leave us empty when the time does arrive.  We have to hope.  What is the difference between hope and wish? It’s all in what it is based on.  When wishing is based on the right thing, then I can see where it becomes hope.  When hope goes over into areas that we have no foundation in; then it becomes wishing.  For me, my hope is build on the Word of God and He has said through it.  I build my hope in God.  Do I miss it? Yes, but it is very hard to miss God.  All of this to say; let’s be careful that we are not wishing.  Build your hope.  Get your hopes up.  At the same time make sure that your hopes are genuine and build on the right foundation.


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