Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

April 24, 2013

In Your Heart

When you are so tired you can barely get up, fans are booing, it’s late in the game, your team is down. That’s character exposing time.

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When the pressure is on, the bills are due, the doctor’s report is not good, kids not acting right, school is tough, that is when you see what you have on the inside and it will be exposed.  When pressure is applied the inner most character will come out. What is in your heart will just jump out of your mouth. You will do and say things you never thought you would when life gets tight. Make sure you are putting the truth inside you every day. Lies and facts will leave you disappointed and looking for more when it’s getting late in the game. When you are so tired you can hardly get back up, what then are you relying on? Last weeks, last year or even yesterday’s stuff won’t keep you today. Everyday put truth in your heart. Refresh and replenish it. Be character ready each day. There will come a time when life hits hard but you will be able to hit back harder and longer with the truth. What is in your heart today?


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