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September 23, 2010

Insecurity Goals

09 23 10 Thursday

I have been listening to Zig Ziglar the past couple of days.  He is a hoot to listen to. Andy Andrews does a great Zig impression, sounds just like him.  Anyways, Zig has been talking about setting goals.

Whether or not you set goals in your life is really up to you. I do recommend that you do set some sort of goals though. They are vital to your success in your life.  The thing that really hit home with me was one key reason why we don’t set goals.  The number one reason that we don’t set goals is; insecurity. We are afraid others will find out, we are afraid others won’t approve, and most of all we are afraid of “what if don’t reach the goal; what if we fail.”  How sad it is that we don’t set goals because of our own insecurities.  I have talked a lot about insecurities in the past year or so, but never in relation to goal setting.  I am not so bothered by the fact that a lot of folk don’t set goals, but I am bothered by the fact that the number one reason is because of insecurities.   We have to stop letting insecurities steal our destiny. Insecurities are robbing us and those around us of what is rightfully your’s and theirs.  The person sitting next to you has insecurities.  What can we do to build them up, help them to overcome these destiny stealing insecurities?  Granted we can’t do it for them nor them for us, but something can be done.   We just have to decide what that something is.  Just by the fact that you are reading this blog each day or maybe for the first time ever does mean you want to do something to overcome your own insecurities and for to help those around you.  Together we can make it happen.  Enable the person next to you to feel secure in who they are and their destiny.  Together we can walk out and live our destiny.

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