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September 6, 2010

Intentions and Actions

09 06 10 Monday

Do you just feel like giving up on folk?  Do you have that; what’s the use; they will never do right, attitude?  Do folk have the same attitude toward you?  Are we quick to throw in the towel if we have an issue with someone?

The issue of relationships is still burning in me.  I have hurt so many relationships in my life; I guess that’s why I am doing all I can to make them right now.  I really see the going from “me” to “we” in relationships is so important.  That when we take the “we” out of relationships it’s manipulation.  When we are looking at the relationship from our perspective only; then we will never have a relationship.  Relationship does mean we relate to those in the ship.  To relate to someone means we look at things from their perspective.  To see something from another person’s perspective means we are beside them, looking at it with them.  It means we look from their eyes, not from ours only.  It means we get inside their world and not just ours.  It means we serve them and not just ourselves.  All of these things make up a healthy, strong relationship.  These are things that I must learn to do and not being selfish which is my nature.

Let’s not give up on folk so quick; maybe folk won’t give up on us so quick.  Look at things from their point of view.  We all have these insecurities that will try to destroy relationships.  We can do this if we work at it together.  Help one another rather than judging one another.  We judge ourselves by our intentions, but we judge others by their actions.

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