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September 21, 2010

Life Lessons

09 21 10 Tuesday

In yesterday’s Encouragement text I mentioned about developing the champion in you by bringing out the champion in others.  A concept that I sorta developed listening to some Dale Carnegie stuff.

When you have the ‘right’ to criticize someone, hurt, demean, tear down, not forgive or any other negative thing that does not mean that we have to go through with it.  Just because we think we have the ‘right’ to do it, does that really mean we have to do it? Is giving them a piece of our mind going to give them and us a peace of mind?  It will take a great deal of humility to be the stronger and better person.  Take the opportunity you have and make the most of it.  Use that chance to build them up, it make be done through correction, but done in the right way, correction can be an awesome thing.  When you have that upper hand, the high ground if you will, take that position to build them up.  Develop the character, the champion in you, by bringing out the character and champion in them.  You will get better results from you and from them.  Being negative is easy, anyone can do that, but finding something positive to work with and build on, that takes insight and maturity.  Be slow to speak and slow to anger; think before you act.  Don’t react as much as you respond.  We have many life lessons available everyday, we just need to take advantage and make use of them.  You guys are awesome and I know you can do this and even more.  Keep up the great work!

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