Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

November 24, 2013

Living Your Process

Believe and trust the process. Get rid of any and all self-doubts.

Learning to walk in your destiny is a process. The first step is to get a vision, a clear picture that you can see. The next step is to trust  — to believe in faith that it will happen. Then finally, you take a step of faith and live out what God has promised no matter what your circumstances or people around you have to say. First you dream it, than you believe it, and then you live it. Every dream I’ve ever had has followed this same pattern. We see in history that even great men and women walked through this process. They had to overcome doubts, they struggled on their journey, but they held on to what they knew wast their destiny and purpose in life. Today, if you are having a hard time believing what God has promised will come to pass, understand that you are in a process. Don’t empower doubt with your words. Instead, keep declaring that He who promised is faithful! Keep the vision in front of you knowing that it is for an appointed time. Dream it and believe it because it won’t be long until you are living the blessed life God has prepared for you. Are you keeping your destiny dream alive today?