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September 8, 2010

Love Through Rejection

09 08 10 Wednesday

It is tough when you try to show and be love to folk and they still reject you.  I have heard stuff like this a lot since I started writing in this vein.  Yesterday was one of those type days for me.  It was just a long day.  Then someone told me that it’s okay because miserable folk will try to get you to come to their side, but when you don’t they have to reject you.  This protects their miserable state.

If you have had to face rejection, and who hans’t, take heart you are not alone.  Folk of destiny are going to be rejected, misunderstood, taken for granted, pushed aside and forgotten.  But, we must go forward.  Rejection is a weapon that folk will use on you.  It is not always on purpose, but the pain is still the same.  Sometimes it is just a form of manipulation and control; pain is still the same.  Once we understand that we will be rejected.  Look at it like this, Jesus Himself was and still is rejected so we are in good company. If at all possible, don’t take it personal; it’s hard not to, I understand.  Just know it will happen from time to time.  Just love them anyways, love your way through the pain of rejection, understand your way through it.  You can do it because you are a person of destiny. I believe in you! You are one awesome person!!

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