Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

April 21, 2013

Never Quit

The best  aren’t the ones who perform like champs during the good times, but those who refuse to quit and find ways to win.

Sometimes, people get discouraged in life because things didn’t turn out the way they hoped on the first try. Maybe they put energy into a relationship but it didn’t work out. They tried that new business venture, but they are still struggling with their finances. Now they think it’s never going to happen. But, one thing we have to learn is that God honors perseverance. On the way to your “yes” you may encounter some “no’s.” You may encounter some closed doors, but that doesn’t mean it’s the final answer. It just means “keep going.” Remember, if God promised it, He’s going to make it happen. This is where patience comes in; this is where perseverance comes in. This is where trust comes in. Just because you don’t see things happen right away doesn’t mean you should quit. No, instead, rise up and press forward. Keep believing, keep hoping, keep enduring and keep asking because our God is always faithful to His word. Are you refusing to quit today?


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