Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

October 7, 2010

Not Alone

10 07 10 Thursday A lot of the time we attempt to cover up our hurt and pain. We put on the strong persona and act like we got it all under control. Our fear, insecurity, pain, hurt & pride will make us try to look tough when in reality we are weak.

That description is mostly what I have tried to do for most of my life. It has taken a whole lot of brokenness to get me to see it. I can see this is why I am able to see through others and recognize the hurt and pain they are carrying. Then again, most of us have some type of hurt or pain in our lives. I am referring to those that have been devastated by life. What may be devastating to you may not be to someone else and vise versa. The thing is that we are sensitive to other folks area. I want to stress to you that there is hope, there is reconciliation and restoration. Someone does care and you do matter. The enemy of your life will try to get you to think no one cares and that you don’t count. Nothing could be farther from the truth. You have incredible value and worth. The situation you are going through right now will end. You will come out a better person and on top if you will to. It more than likely will not be easy, but it is possible. So don’t give up, give in or give out. There are folk on your side. I am cheering and rooting for you right now. I believe in you and know that your destiny is still intact. Always remember you are loved and appreciated. Keep your head up and hope alive!

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