Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

January 29, 2011

Not Disqualified

01 29 11 Saturday

In spite of all the past mistakes we have made in our life; God still has a plan for us.  Don’t be discouraged by your past; be encouraged by your destiny.  We have not been disqualified.

For some of us we have thought that because of past mistakes and wrong decisions; we have been disqualified from our destiny.  This is not true.  Many times it is our mistakes and failures that qualify us for our purpose and destiny.  I have dealt with this in my own life.  There have been several periods in my life that I felt like God had put me on out of the way and forgotten about me.  When I would go through difficult times; I would think that my ever having a purpose or destiny was over.  I know this is not true, but the feeling can be hard to over come at times.  The enemy knows where we are weakest and will try to attack our mind in that area.  Stay focused on what God has said about your future and destiny.  I promise you that you have not been forgotten about or disqualified.  Folk may even try to make you feel that you have been, but it’s not true.  Get back up, learn from your past, and move forward.  I believe in you, standing with you, and counting on you.