Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

July 24, 2013


Those who rise to the top do not take rejection and look to blame others.

It has taken me a long time to learn to accept rejection and failure for what they are; just another step in the trail to my destiny.  Rejection is not a good feeling, but when you refuse to allow it to enter into your spirit then it can be a positive experience. When you can take rejection and rather than blaming others for your situation; you thank them for showing you who you really are in life. You learn from the experience of rejection failure. You turn what most would say is a terrible experience and feeling into a positive, character building moment. Never allow anyone to take away from you who you are. When someone rejects you, they simply don’t know what’s truly inside of you. They can’t see the greatness, the love, the compassion that resides in your heart. They have been hurt and hurting people will hurt people. Learn from the experiences in your life both the good and the bad. Then the good become better and bad aren’t so bad after all. Are you using rejection to become a better person?


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