Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

November 11, 2010


11 11 10 Thursday

You have limitless possibilities.  For most of us we have not even started our destiny.  There is so much for us to accomplish.  Wonder why we haven’t gotten started yet?

Many of us have roadblocks that are stopping us from reaching our destiny.  The roadblocks can be different from person to person.  However, I think they all boil down to a few specific issues.  We have talked quite a bit about forgiveness lately; which we know is one major roadblock.  As long as there is unforgiveness inside us; we will never live out our destiny.  Unforgiveness will lead us toward hate, anger, bitterness, and even rage.  None of these are destiny minded characteristics.  As long as there are any of these issues still inside our heart and mind then our destiny is out of the question.  The good news is; we can get rid of them if we choose to do so.  Begin today to forgive those that have wronged you; doesn’t matter if they are available for you to talk to or not.  They don’t have to be alive for that matter.  They don’t have to ask you to forgive them.  It is not about them, but all about you.  Forgive today and see your spirit, soul, and body begin to change.  You will surprised at how much better you feel in all areas of your life.


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