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January 31, 2011

Roadmap to Your Destiny

01 31 11 Monday

I am putting together a program, Roadmap to Your Destiny.  It is a year long program that will help you discover and live your destiny.  I am keeping the number of partners to 15 so that we can do this right.

If you are serious about wanting to discover and live your destiny then this may just be what you have been looking for.  There is no cost for this program but you will be required to do your part.  If you really want to see personal growth, change, improvement and changes in your life then this is for you.  We will work on different areas of your life; relationships, your walk with God, your physical well being, your mental state and other areas.

Roadmap to Your Destiny will take you to the next level, but only if you are willing to commit to walking it out and then actually walking it out.  You will have weekly emails, podcasts, Ebook, conference calls, and other awesome materials to see to it you have every advantage possible.

If you are interested then let me know by emailing me at and we will take it from there.  Thank you and here’s to discovering and living your destiny.