Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

Character Development Lesson Eight

It’s A Matter Of Choice 

“It is not a matter of chance, rather a matter of choice.  It is not a matter of something to be waited for, rather something to be gained.” This was written by a man talking about how some people or groups of people are successful while others with the same ability are not. The statement says a great deal about “Grayson Pride,” our commitments, and our attitudes.  Let’s study it in detail.

It is not a matter of chance


Luck has very little to do with success.   People create their own luck.   Nothing happens by chance – for something to happen there must be an action initiated by someone.  Those people who wait for something to happen usually end up in the “Coulda – Woulda – Shoulda” syndrome.  Why does it appear that some teams have all the luck—always around to pick up the loose ball – catch the tipped ball – to come back in the 4th quarter — is it by chance?


It is a matter of choice


People choose to be successful or unsuccessful. The greatest power that a person possesses is the power to choose.  Every person has a choice of giving his best or not giving his best, of working hard or not working hard, of being committed or not being committed.  You will make a choice in every practice and on every play, whether or not you choose to be successful.  Some people choose to do what it takes to be successful – losers blame it on chance. Your destiny is in your hands.  If you and your teammates choose to do your best—to not accept defeat—you will be successful.  Your actions will speak clearly as to what is your choice.  Anything less than full-speed effort is not your best.  Your choice is your power to be in control of your destiny.


It is not a matter of something to be waited for, rather something to be gained


Your goal will not come to you – it is a matter of you going out and gaining it.  You will get back exactly what you put in.  You cannot wait to see if it will happen – YOU must make it happen.  You be the catalyst; you be the cause.  You be the one to make things happen.  You be the one that leads.   Do not wait for someone else to make it happen.   Believe it will happen only if you make it happen.  You will make things happen by your persistence of effort from snap count to whistle; by your determination to do your best each play; by your concentration and enthusiasm; and by the habits you have developed through the choices you make.

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