Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

May 26, 2013

Royal Treatment

The way to tell how mature you are is by the way you treat people who can’t do anything for you.

We can all be kind to the boss. He may give us a promotion. We can all be friendly to the popular person at school. If they like us, everybody will be our friend. That’s easy. But if we’re going to live the way God intends, we’ve got to learn to be good to everyone. When you go out of your way to encourage the person that everyone avoids, Jesus said, “It’s like you’re doing it unto Me.” Instead of rushing by the parking lot attendant you see at work each day, why don’t you take time to see how they’re doing? That person at the office that others ignore, why don’t you reach out to them and share your love?  Show love, show kindness, show them that you care. As you reach out and help others, just like a boomerang, that help will come right back to you, and you’ll move forward into the blessing and destiny He has prepared for you. How are you treating people today?


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