Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

June 5, 2013


We could empty half the psychiatric wards in this country if we could eliminate shame.

It has documented that the effects of shame on the body and the mind are devastating. Shame is saying that because you did something bad or wrong; that you are a bad person. Shame cripples the mind. Shame will keep you trapped in a miserable world. Shame will drag you down, tear you down, and leave you for dead. Shame doesn’t want you to make changes in your life. Shame wants to lead you to depression. Shame wants you to hate yourself. Shame will lead you to despise who you are. Shame will attach itself to a wounded soul. The way to rid yourself of shame is to be healed. When you expose the shame you are infected with to the truth; you can be healed emotionally. You don’t have to let shame to control your life. Free your mind and body today of shame. Knowing the truth will rid you of shame today and forever. Are you battling shame today?


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