Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

October 8, 2010

Speaking a Blessing

10 08 10 Friday

Today I want to speak blessings in your life.  We hear so much negative stuff spoken into our lives; it’s time we hear the truth; the positive.

I want to speak into your life some positive stuff. I hope that you will allow me that honor.  You are more than capable of fulfilling your destiny. God has gifted you with an incredible gift to walk out your destiny. Your past has not negated your destiny but has qualified you to live your destiny.  You are smart enough to do it.  You have the physical ability and the mental capacity to make a difference in this world.  There is nothing or no one that is better at what it is you have been created to do.  There is no one that can stop you from reaching your destiny.  There are no limits to how high you can go.  You will make a significant difference in folks lives.  Everything you do makes a difference in the world.  You are not insignificant, but you are valuable, precious, and very costly.  There are many people depending on you to be you.  Don’t try to be anyone else; they are already taken, just be yourself.  You can make the changes necessary to be the whole person you so desire to be.  You can make the adjustments, you have it in you to do it.  You have been wonderfully and perfectly designed and created, don’t short change yourself or let anyone bring you down.  Be who you were created to be.  You are incredibly awesome! You are cared about, you are loved and appreciated.  You will never face another day that you are not prayed for, lifted up or believed in.  Together we can!


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