Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

May 28, 2013

Start Today

If you believe you can make a difference in this world, you can make your own reality.

You are here to make a difference. It’s a shame when people go through their entire life without realizing they were born to make a difference. Your difference is different than my difference, but we all have the assignment. When you are in the group of people that know they are to be difference makers; everything changes. Being a difference maker is a game changer. Don’t let low self esteem or pride get in the way of your purpose. You have the goods, everything it takes, all you will ever need; right now inside of you to make a difference in the world. Be who you were created to be today. Don’t back down, don’t take a back seat to anything or anyone who says you don’t matter. You do matter, you are a difference maker. The best day to have started was early in your life, the next best day to start is today. Get it started today. Make the difference you were created to make. Are you making a difference today?


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