Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

July 25, 2013

Stay In

Don’t ever give up. Be persistent, be committed, be positive, and learn from every failing. Your perseverance will reward you someday.

Many people are sitting on the sidelines of life and not getting up because they have been injured. Maybe it was from a health issue, a divorce, a job lay off, or a failed class. God has promised He will give you victory for your pain. He will pay you double for the wrongs in your life. Keep pressing forward toward your destiny. I have often said; “I am hurt but I am here.” Don’t have a victim, poor ole me mentality. Instead of ‘why me’ turn it into ‘why not me.’ Take the pain, the hurts, the disappointments and allow them to forge you into a difference maker. Be a leader, a healer, a comforter for those that are hurting and injured by life. When circumstances look the worse you be at your best. Remember to breathe! Take life one day at a time, even one minute at a time if need be. You will win if you stay in the game. Don’t give up and never quit. Are you making a difference today?


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