Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

December 30, 2010

Stir It Up

12 30 10 Thursday

It’s time to stir up that gift that is inside of you. I was thinking the other day about what is like when we are operating in our gift.  Not so much from our point of view but from God’s point of view.  He is the One who gave us our gift.

I was thinking what it must be like when we use our gift; whatever your gift may be.  What does God see? What must He think when we are using our gift with no agenda, no motive except to honor Him?  I don’t believe it is wrong to think that God has tough days, He is dealing us you know.  So when we are just giving back to Him what must He feel?  If it’s music, writing, art, teaching, care giving whatever your gift is, how proud of us is He?  When we are in that flow, in the zone and what we are doing just seems effortless, you know it has to be because He is listening and watching.  It’s not performing before God, but just enjoying God and He enjoying us.  I know as a dad I am proud of my little girl when she is operating in her gift, even as young as she is, how much more must He feel toward us.  It is beyond my concept, but I am beginning to get a sense of it.  All of this is to say, use your gift.  Stir up the gift that is inside you.  Use it without agenda or motive. Just do it! You are an awesome and gifted person, no matter what that gift may be.   As we lean into 2011, honor God with your gift.


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