Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

October 27, 2010

Storm Warnings

10 27 19 Wednesday

When those tough times hit us that drive us toward our cave; don’t go, but stand up to them.  We have been designed to stand firm when we are being hit by the storms of life.

How in the world can I stand strong when I being hit by a huge disappointment or any storm?  We have to understand that this will pass.  It is these situations that will develop our inner strength.  By inner strength I am not talking about building walls, but developing your identity.  Also, this is where the relationships that we have come into play.  We are here for one another.  If you have taken the time to develop strong healthy relationships then you have someone to confide in.  We have been created to overcome the storms of life.  So take the time to use the winds of the storm to push you higher and make you better.  It’s easy to give up, complain, become bitter, resentful, and have unforgiveness inside you.  But the champion in you welcomes the challenge because it makes you a better person.


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