Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

November 9, 2010

The Root of the Matter

11 09 10 Tuesday

My granddad used to tell me all the time; “To kill a weed you gotta pull it out by the root then throw it where it can’t take root again and grow.”  I have learned quite a bit from that gardening tip.

I am seeing more and more that when we have a root in us that it can manifest outwardly in many different ways.  The way we act on the outside may not be the exact same as the root.  The root may be one thing but we act out in a different way. This is a way that the root issue can disguise itself and remain hidden for years.  I see folk that are so anger, so resentful, full of rage, but the root may be something that hurt them deeply.  Don’t judge a root by the fruit.  Take a closer look at why you act the way you do, what do you respond to certain things the way you do and so on.  Chances are if you look close enough you will find that root.  When you do, pull it out by the root and get rid of it forever.  Destroy the root and the fruit will die.  Don’t let something that happened to you years ago or a few minutes ago to destroy your life from the inside out.  Take the root out today!

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