Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

April 27, 2013

Thought Process

In all parts of your life, you are going to face obstacles. Our life is just a trial. Question is how you do during that trial.

We all face challenges and obstacles in this life. We all have dreams in our hearts, and at times, it looks like they’re not going to come to pass. During these difficult seasons, we have a choice. We can get negative and discouraged and talk about how things are not going to work out, or we can switch over into a positive thought process. A lot of times people think, “I’ll have a good attitude as soon as I get over this health issue.” But that’s not how your process works. As long as we’re negative, discouraged and focused on our problems, it limits what we can do. You’ve got to change your focus first, and then things will change in your favor.  Today, if you’ve been dwelling on the wrong things and focusing in the wrong direction, switch over into a positive thought and action process. What is your thought process today?


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